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Your clients' stalled decision-making can impact your service delivery

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Show them the smartest way to reach a settlement. 

Separating clients face a watershed moment - and all too often flounder in limbo for months or years, without resolution of their financial situation. 

This is obviously negative for the separating people themselves. 

But it can also interfere with the professional services you provide them.

And that's very frustrating.

As a Referral Partner with Divorce Partners, you can help your clients rapidly reach a settlement...

...and make your life easier as a result. 

... so you can continue providing your professional services to them

Separating people seeking financial settlement should always try the least expensive, least stressful and quickest services first.

It’s by far the smartest thing to do. 

We provide a unique range of five services to maximise their chances of a swift and sensible resolution.  

Clients who are just trying to understand what’s a reasonable, “normal” settlement can order a Range Read report. It’s an objective snapshot of where they stand compared to other typical Australians and gives them a realistic, quantified ballpark expectation for their settlement.

Five Fast, Cost-Effective Services




Divorce Partners is Australia's specialist financial settlement firm.

We help separating couples reach sensible resolutions, inexpensively and quickly.

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Each service addresses a particular need. 

There’s a solution for most clients. 

All of them lead to settlements enormously faster and less expensively than going through lawyers.

Clients looking for an explicit recommendation can order a Settlement Report. It’s a detailed, customised settlement plan prepared objectively and neutrally for them, recommending how their assets and liabilities should be divided.

An experienced Family Law Mediator can guide clients to a solution that’s the best available blend of each of their desired goals. Mediators can achieve results in as little as 4 to 8 hours, at a fraction of the cost of using lawyers.

If compromise and accommodation just aren’t going to happen, then an Arbitrator can make a binding decision within days, at a cost of around 5 to 10% of a court judgment.

When they’ve reached an agreement, clients need it formalised, both for their own protection and whenever there are property transfers and super transfers involved. We help create Consent Order and Binding Financial Agreement for affordable fees (with flexible payment options).

Benefits for your clients

  • Faster resolution.

  • Modular options - clients choose the service right for their situation.

  • Creates a proper foundation for future. 

  • Reduces stress.

  • Minimal cost.

Benefits for you

  • Gets your clients out of financial limbo, quickly, so you can continue to provide your services.

  • Your clients end up with a clearer financial position, secured with formal legal agreements.

  • Referral fees available as a thank you.

When your separating clients are in limbo due to an unresolved financial settlement, it can interfere with your accounting services work in several ways:

  • Your clients feel paralysed and unable to make decisions - decision-making about assets that are jointly-owned (such as businesses, trusts and SMSFs) is frequently stalled;

  • Assets are often stranded or effectively frozen - sometimes for years;

  • Compliance with regulatory filings can be delayed when the couple fail to cooperate;

  • Legal fees can substantially deplete your clients’ personal cash reserves and even business cash flows.

This is bad for your clients and usually bad for you, too. Clients in this situation frustrate your ability to deliver effectively the services they rely on you for.  

Helping them to reach a settlement - quickly and cost-effectively - means they - and you - can get back on track.

Now that you see how our services can help, we invite you to become a Referral Partner.

We’ll provide a Referral Fee as a thank you (at your option). And with your clients’ approval, we can notify you when they have completed a settlement (but they will have to tell you the details).

You can register here. Registration creates no obligations on you. But it give clients comfort if we can tell them we already know of your firm.

The form also allows you to tell us the names of clients you want to refer. If you’d rather not send their details, please ensure your clients advise us of the connection with you

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